A Potted History of T. Plant

Timothy James Plant was born in Burton-upon-Trent, England, in 1943. He studied at St Edward’s School, Oxford, and later at the University of Colorado, where he had his first literary experience in 1968, writing play revues for the Colorado Daily. He then went to Rome and spent five years painting pictures of the Eternal City, as well as interpreting and translating for a living. On his return to London at the age of 30 he continued his translating work, and painted on an amateur basis in the meantime. In 1978 he was commissioned to paint his first mural, an activity that took him to several countries, including Italy and Brazil. In 1987, Ward Lock of London commissioned him to write his first book, entitled PAINTED ILLUSIONS. This book was later published by Salem House in the USA. Timothy Plant’s trilogy ‘Throw a Little Light’ and other books by him are also available from amazon.com and other bookstores. In 1993 he married the Brazilian artist Ana Maria Lampreia Carvalho. They spend most of their time between England and Brazil.

The Ascent of Flora

Wedding portrait by T.Plant 1993


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