Books by Tim & Ana Plant - 2017

Painted Illusions

The fifth edition of Timothy Plant's book on mural painting, first published in London in 1987, and a Complete Illustrated Catalogue of all our work.


The Belvedere Quartet Vol I


Inspired by the basic principle that books should be funny - Pibsterbule is a giggle


The Belvedere Quartet Vol II

The Phytanthrope

A Paragenetic Tale


The Belvedere Quartet Vol III

The Voyage of King Roy the First A blueprint for the future of England


The Belvedere Quartet Vol IV

Another Eden


Throw a Little Light

A Trilogy of action-packed adventures for the teenage market



The Letter of Pero Vaz de Caminha

The Portuguese/Brazilian classic, illustrated by Ana Maria Plant And translated into English by Timothy Plant


The Land by Euclides da Cunha

-Portuguese-English parallel text translated by Timothy Plant


The Latin-English Bible Volumes 1-30

King James Version & Vulgate - parallel text

All of our books are available as beautiful, strong paperbacks, and also as e-books, from and other discerning bookshops.


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